Second Chance Summer: Tuscany

We’ve never seen this programme but tonights episode on BBC2 might be interesting for people who have stayed here or indeed neighbours as it focuses on the Olive harvest

It is about Ten strangers, all at a crossroads in life about to embark on an experience that could change their lives forever. From the makers of The Real Marigold Hotel, five men and five women arrive in Tuscany to see if their dream to make a new start in the Italian countryside can become a reality. Sounds dreadful but we’ll be watching tonight!

Finca Arboleda has 56 trees and yields vary but last year we harvested, with the help of guests and friends over a tonne of olives which gave us about 230 litres of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. There really is nothing like the real thing and it will be interesting to see how these guys do. We pick in November so i’m not sure when this was filmed.

Olive Picking 2016 at Finca Arboleda
Olive Picking 2016 at Finca Arboleda

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