Tough Life For New Girls At Finca Arboleda.

Mincy & Brindle
Top Dogs at Finca Arboleda

New Dogs on the block. Our dear Stiggy died last year and now these two have moved in. Mum, Mincy, and four pups were living rough in the area for quite a time apparently. They turned up in the field outside Finca Arboleda and we managed to coax them into our garden. They were all understandably very nervous and it took a while to gain their confidence but eventually we managed to get hold of three of them and they have gone for check ups before being offered for adoption.

We have kept Mincy and one of the pups, Brindle, who we guess is about six months old. They are eating well, look healthy and are slowly starting to trust us. Mincy is a pure Galgo, Spanish Greyhound and we think Brindle is a Galgo, Podenco cross. They seem to spend 90% of their time sleeping and the rest of the time eating or charging around the garden.

Next step is to get them to the vet for a thorough check up, jabs and tagging. That will be interesting. They are very gentle, enjoy a cuddle on the sofa and are looking forward to meeting you all at Finca Arboleda.