Extreme Adventure Mojacar

I came across an advert for these people and must admit I’d not heard of them but it

looks interesting especially if you are here with the kids or just young at heart.

Camel rides have been popular on Mojacar beach for a few years and it’s part of

“Extreme Adventures” portfolio.

Camel Rides Mojacar
Camel Rides Mojacar

There really are too many things on offer to list them all, maybe Paintball is your thing or

maybe like me you’ve never tried it.

Paintball Mojacar Adventure
Paintball Mojacar Adventure

Archery might be your thing or something new to try.


They also offer Karting, Quads, Buggy rides, Horse riding, Childrens park and loads

of water activities including Kayaks, Jet Skis, Flyboards and boat trips.

They are based on the AL-6111 Turre to Los Gallardos road.

Give they a call on 950 615 343 or 687 919 840

Or visit www.extremeadvmojacar.com





Tomorrow we are off to Caravaca de la Cruz in Murcia for the festival of the Wine Horses.

The beginning of the fiestas is on April 30th with the Noche de las Migas (Night of the Breadcrumbs). Streets are crowded with charanga bands, batucadas (music events consisting of a group of percussion instruments) and the colouring of the peñas migueras, groups of people meeting to cook this typical dish made of breadcrumbs, garlic, sardines and sausages, that later get together in Plaza del Hoyo to choose the best migas. On May 1st there are very popular events such as the Flower Offering, the Contest of Bareback Horses and the Exhibition of Capes, real pieces of art woven with silk and silver and gold threads that will decorate horses the following day.

In the morning of May 2nd Caravaca celebrates the Caballos del Vino (Wine Horses), the big day of the fiestas. The only requirement for not being out of tone is to wear a red shawl, a white shirt and to bear in mind that you’re going to attend one of the most deafening fiestas of Spain.

Hundreds of thousands of people meet together for the legendary race. Everything happens in the blink of an eye. Four lads run next to each horse in an intense gallop that finishes at the open area of the Castle. This race recalls an incredible event that happened 700 years ago. According to legend, when the Muslims besieged the castle of the sacred city, a group of templars was able to break the siege, introduce saddlebags full of wine with the aid of their horses and prevent the population from dying because of the poisoned water that the enemies had used to contaminate tanks.

You can a video here.  https://youtu.be/v9XCSy9sOeg

Spectacular Spain With Alex Polizzi, Seville


Alex continues her fantastic journey through Spain on channel 5 tonight. She is still in Andalucia moving west from Almeria and Granada, which were a real treat last week.

She starts in marbella and enjoys Manzanilla in Jerez, the gorgeous city of Seville and one of our favourites Cadiz. Can’t wait!

If you missed last weeks or indeed any of the episodes they are on You Tube here  http://tinyurl.com/mbmz2h3