Pilgrimage in Honor of Our Lady Virgen de las Huertas. In Vera.

The first weekend in September is marked on the calendars of Vera´s people. Tradition dictates that they join a pilgrimage to honor the Virgen de las Huertas (Virgin of the orchards). The shrine is a simple building of local architectural tradition dating back to the sixteenth century.

Romeria Hermitage

Given that the patron saint of Vera is the Virgen de las Angustias (Virgin of Sorrows), this is not a major celebration. However, devotion brings neighbors to the shrine located on the outskirts of the town year after year. The pilgrimage is held to pay homage to the people of Lorca who assisted Vera´s population when the town was besieged by the Moorish king Aben Humeya in 1569.

In fact, the city of Lorca did not have to intervene. The Moorish king turned back when he heard relief was on its way shortly after the attack on Vera’s walls had already begun. Thus began the memory and gratitude towards the patron of Lorca.

The celebration is marked by parades of horse drawn carriages that are colourfully decorated flowers and it wouldn’t be Spain without some loud music and dancing. The parade passes the local roads and reaches it’s destination at the Heritage. There the party will continue with Flamenco dancing music and fireworks until late in the night.

On Sunday it will all start again and will include a large Paella and a Children’s Piñatas Contest. There are some links and a google translation of the programme below. Sounds like fun!



17:00 h. Begin the journey from La Legua through the usual roads, with all those floats and horses that want to accompany to the hermitage to snack.
9:30 p.m. Performance of the Flamenco Dance Academy “Las Chibancas”
10:30 p.m. Fiesta with the performance of “Ensía de Almería”
00:00 h. Great Musical Piro Show.


11:30 a.m. “Pilgrimage of the Virgin of the Huertas” from its hermitage to make the habitual route.
We want to encourage everyone to participate in our Pilgrimage, dressing in the typical costumes, as well as decorating floats and vehicles without missing horses and riders to give a great color and splendor.
The Queens and Ladies of Honor for children and youth 2016 paraded in a chariot adorned for the occasion, accompanying our Virgin of the Huertas.
2:00 p.m. Arrival of the Romería to the Hermitage and we will be able to taste a paella.
5:30 p.m. Awarding of prizes of the Children’s Piñatas Contest, we encourage all the children to present their original piñata.
6:45 p.m. Performance of the flamenco group “Virgen de las Huertas”
7:30 p.m. Holy Mass officiated by our parish priest D. Carlos Fortes García, accompanied by the Choir of the Fraternity of Our Lady of Rocio de Garrucha.
Then, as is traditional, the Raffle will be held in honor of Our Lady of the Huertas several prizes that will be displayed at the entrance of the hermitage.
To end the party we will have the live music performance of “El Bartolico”

Here you can see some photos and videos of previous years.

A map of the location, click at the top right to enlarge.

Shrine Of Our Lady Of The Orchards
Shrine Of Our Lady Of The Orchards










Romeria Programme

Dolphins Off The Cabo de Gata

This fantastic film was shot by the Guadia Civil off the coast of the Cabo de Gata a couple of days  ago.

The Cabo de Gata is about 30 minutes drive from Finca Arboleda and offers fantastic landscape and gorgeous beaches.

5 Tips for a day at the Cabo de Gata

A guide to the Cabo de Gata

Sweet California Come To Vera

Sweet California

Sweet California are a popular female Spanish band and they will perform in the Bullring on Saturday.

Formed by Sonia Gómez, Alba Reig and Tamy Nsue. They have achieved success thanks to the albums  “Break of Day”, “Head for the stars” , with which they were awarded discs of gold and platinum in Spain, with their last album “3” again set to break records of sales they will tour throughout 2017.  Sweet California  have more than 300,000 followers on  Twitter  and 500,000 on  Facebook , plus more than 85 million views of videos on  Youtube . Sweet California’s songs on Spotify  have been heard by more than 390,000 people.

Enjoy singing along with  Sweet California to the songs that you know by heart,  “Vuelves”, “Hum”, “Good life”, “Empire”  and many more.  Do not miss out on the chance to enjoy Sweet California in concert, on a night you will never forget. The popularity and affection  Sweet California are receiving is growing all the time, both in Spain and Latin America, where they will arrive in 2017 with the “Ladies tour” . They are in great form and they have already obtained Platinum Discs, with more than 100,000 discs sold, as well as  MTV Awards and Prizes Los 40 . Now they are coming to the city … Come on!

Prices: There is a single price for the Vera concert, € 21 (General). Tickets for the Sweet California concert in Vera are available on the RedEntradas.com website and on the phone 958 10 81 81 (Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.). Also on the official website of Sweet California.

You can catch a taste of them here if you can not wait until 22.00 on Saturday.

This summer in the Plaza de Toros in Vera will be Spectacular!

There will be so much to see and do in Vera this Summer.

Tickets are available from VERA (Tourist Office and Vera Playa Information Point). Sports Blanes. Mesón Geréz. Hotel Rest. Terrace Carmona. Café Bar Las Palmeras. HUERCAL-OVERA AND ALBOX: Óptica Almería. GARRUCHA: Nautical Restaurant. ONLINE SALE: redentradas.com.This Summer in Vera

Moros & Christians 2017 Vera

Moros & Christians 2017 Vera
Moros & Christians 2017 Vera

It’s almost time for this years Moros and Christians celebrations. It starts in Vera on  Friday 9th June at 20.00.

It is a celebration of their Patron Saint’s Festivities in honor of the Virgin of the Angustias,  Vera revives the tradition of the Moors and Christians, with an act that represents the capitulation of the city, occurred In the year 1488.

In recent years, the tradition of Moorish and Christian Festivals in Vera has been revived and the Town Hall  have wanted to turn this particular celebration into an important tourist attraction with its presentation at Fitur 2017.

The event was presented at the stand of ‘Costa de Almería’, with the presence of Isabel Maria de Haro, Councilor of Culture of Vera, Gabriel Amat, President of the Provincial Delegation, Alfredo Valdivia, territorial delegate of Culture and Tourism, and Members of the Association of Moors and Christians of the municipality.

The secretary of this association, Pedro Soler, explained that the recreations of the capitulations “are historical events that occurred in a similar way throughout the Almerian Levant and other points of the province of Almeria, when the Moors gave to the Christians, peacefully, the keys of their cities, just as it happened in Granada. ”

Soler has asked the administrations to collaborate with events of this type, which “recover the traditions of the towns and their historical and cultural heritage”, with the aim of “converting the month of June, to the month of the Moors and Christians in the Levante Almeria “.


Extreme Adventure Mojacar

I came across an advert for these people and must admit I’d not heard of them but it

looks interesting especially if you are here with the kids or just young at heart.

Camel rides have been popular on Mojacar beach for a few years and it’s part of

“Extreme Adventures” portfolio.

Camel Rides Mojacar
Camel Rides Mojacar

There really are too many things on offer to list them all, maybe Paintball is your thing or

maybe like me you’ve never tried it.

Paintball Mojacar Adventure
Paintball Mojacar Adventure

Archery might be your thing or something new to try.


They also offer Karting, Quads, Buggy rides, Horse riding, Childrens park and loads

of water activities including Kayaks, Jet Skis, Flyboards and boat trips.

They are based on the AL-6111 Turre to Los Gallardos road.

Give they a call on 950 615 343 or 687 919 840

Or visit www.extremeadvmojacar.com