The Trip to Spain: La Posada del Laurel

Spain really is the place to be this year, whether it’s Alex with her fantastic “Spectacular Spain” series, endless car adverts with their pristine models stretching their “legs” around our fantastic empty roads or Rob and Steve in this wonderful series.

If you haven’t seen Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan in this spoof that sees them staying in beautiful places and eating great food while supposedly working for a broadsheet with Steve writing a foodie column then you’ve missed a treat. It is amazingly low key with the guys cruising around in their Range Rover before spending time over good food and enjoying the type of conversation good friends indulge in when the wines finished and the Port is on it’s 2nd round, Great entertainment from two masters and Rob’s “Little Man in A Box” always brings a smile. The fact that this, the third series, is in Spain only adds to the joy.

This series is bing shown on Sky Atlantic on Thursdays but it is also to be found on You Tube, please try and find it, you will not be disappointed.

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