Extreme Adventure Mojacar

I came across an advert for these people and must admit I’d not heard of them but it

looks interesting especially if you are here with the kids or just young at heart.

Camel rides have been popular on Mojacar beach for a few years and it’s part of

“Extreme Adventures” portfolio.

Camel Rides Mojacar
Camel Rides Mojacar

There really are too many things on offer to list them all, maybe Paintball is your thing or

maybe like me you’ve never tried it.

Paintball Mojacar Adventure
Paintball Mojacar Adventure

Archery might be your thing or something new to try.


They also offer Karting, Quads, Buggy rides, Horse riding, Childrens park and loads

of water activities including Kayaks, Jet Skis, Flyboards and boat trips.

They are based on the AL-6111 Turre to Los Gallardos road.

Give they a call on 950 615 343 or 687 919 840

Or visit www.extremeadvmojacar.com




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