Largest geode cave in Europe opens to visitors.

Largest geode cave in Europe opens to visitors.

The Pulpí Geode, the largest in Europe and second in the world,  opened this summer to visitors 20 years after being discovered in southern Spain.

The crystal cave is a major attraction in the Pilar de Jaravía area due to its size and the transparency of the rocks.

It is located 50 meters beneath Mina Rica, a silver mine that closed in the 1960s.

“The mine has an incredibly large variety of minerals. “One of them is a needle-shaped celestine covered with plaster crystals.”

Pulpí is the biggest accessible crystal geode in the world. The world’s largest, with crystals 10 feet long, is located in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

Visitors to the cave in Spain have to walk down a mineshaft before descending a staircase that leads to the vast caverns of the mine and arrive at the geode, an opening in the rock covered with white crystals that measure two meters in length.

The rock at Mina Rica is dolomite, a type of limestone, which in the past was fractured and filled with a hot mineral-rich fluid.

Over the years, the dolomite dissolved and the fluid created an egg-shaped cavity.

The cooling of the liquid and the tectonic calm caused the formation of plaster crystals.

Pulpí’s geode was discovered in 1999 by members of the Mineralogist Group of Madrid, who found a fracture with “impressive plaster crystals”.


€ 22 Adults.

€ 10 Children from 8 to 16 years old (accompanied by an adult).

€ 15 Special rate for retirees, large families, people with a disability (more than 33% recognised).


The Geode is located in the “Mina Rica”, in “El Pilar de Jaravia” neighbourhood, Pulpi (Almería). Address: Poligono S-AG2A 33, 14640 Pulpí


It would be rude not to.

Summer is made for a refreshing G&T, well any time of the year is really. We have a local gin that is made in Turre, Portomagno and of course all of your favourites are available locally. A choice of tonics is also very important.

There may be one thing that you can only find at Finca Arboleda and that is our wonderful organic lemons. 

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Finca Arboleda Lemons
Finca Arboleda Lemons

Last Minute Availability

Last Minute Availability

Due to a couple of cancellations the Orange Grove has availability during the next 6 weeks or so.

May to June is one of the best times to holiday in this region before the really high temperatures kick in in July and August.

The Orange Grove sleeps 2 people comfortably and is very well equipped with UK tv, wifi, bbq and beautiful views of the garden and fantastic salt swimming pool, very healthy with no nasty chemicals and only as salty as a tear.

Visit for more details, send us a mail or a WhatsApp and we will get back to you immediately, if not sooner.

Lavuelta 2018

Spain’s version of the Tour de France is approaching.

Today’s leg is from Granada to Roquetas de Mar and can be seen on Eurosport.

Tomorrow, thursday, it starts from Huercal Overa and the warm up is from around 12.30 with the off at 13.58.

It’s a fairly flat leg up the coast to Mar Menor. Tomorrow they start from Puerto Lumbreras to Pozo Alcón and should make

for spectacular viewing as they climb up to Los Vélez.

We’re off to Huercal tomorrow for the start.

La Vuelta 2018

Just returned from a peaceful and relaxing two weeks stay at the Old Stables.

holiday beach

Just returned from a peaceful and relaxing two weeks stay at the Old Stables. We would like to thank Mick and Pirkko very much for their great attention to detail in preparing and equipping the villa with everything you need for an easy stay. In particular providing beach towels (saves on luggage weight), shopping bags, having a reliable internet and UK TV (life saver for the World Cup!) are all nice touches. Combined with the tranquillity of the gardens and pool area, we really enjoyed our time here, the villa is clean, comfortable and as regular renters in Spain, lacking nothing in our opinion. Having fresh hen’s eggs and home produced Olive Oil are also nice bonuses. Although we chose to stay in the Stables, having viewed the Orange Grove during our stay, we would recommend either place for quality and attention to detail.
Mick and Pirkko are always available for local advice, information and general chat, especially for football banter!
If you are planning a trip to this area, just book here, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. There are many places of interest within a one hour drive, superb beaches and lots of quality restaurants in surrounding towns and villages. We will definitely return to book either property when next in this area.
Thanks again to you both for a wonderful stay! C&L Manchester. 2/7/2018