AQUAVERA, Water Park

AQUAVERA, Water Park opens May 20th.

Waterpark opening soon Vera Almeria Spain

AquaVera offers safe fun for everyone, both young and old, perfect for a day of water and sun, with family or friends.  The Kamikaze is for the most intrepid and brave who wish to experience the sensation of a fall into the void or the Aquodrome, to make quick races with family and friends.  The star attraction is the Black Hole where you slide down in darkness. The fun Zig Zag slides, twists and turns on two slides that crisscross and descend quickly. If you want something gentler try the Aventura River, in company or alone, a great channel that descends gently in the sunlight. You can relax in the Lake pool or at the wave pool.

Aqualandia, is for the little ones where new for this year is tree adventure, an interesting tree house with walkways, Tibetan bridge, sliding bar, slides … an endless series of adventures under the shade of the pines. Aqua Vera has plenty of places to relax where you can enjoy your own food, but they also offer something for most tastes as well as drinks and of course Ice Creams, it’s not a holiday without an Ice Cream!

Opening Saturday, May 20, 2017 from 11.00 till 18.00, 19.30 in July and August.

Tickets are from €15 to €23 depending on height, book on line for a 10% discount.

Visit their web site here

Tel 950 46 73 37   email

It is located on the coast between Garrucha and Villaricos and it can be seen in the distance from our garden!

Plan of Aquavera

Dia de la Vieja (Day of the old lady)

piñata’s of old ladies

This is a very local fiesta celebrated around Mojacar, Villaricos and Vera. It takes place during lent on a Thursday, 3 weeks before Holy Thursday.

Families head off to the campo in the afternoon for a picnic, Later on piñata’s of old ladies are hung from trees and children hit them with sticks or throw rocks at them. Eventually the old lady is demolished and sweets break out from the inside and the children all run to grab them. And that is Día de la Vieja. Now aside from those wonderful things, I have no idea why it is only celebrated in our area. Most people have probably never heard of it.

A theory is that it provides light relief for the children who were taken for a day out by their Grandmothers as a treat halfway through lent, hence the sweets inside the old ladies.

Even if you miss the event you always know when it has occurred just by seeing the rubbish that has been left behind in true Spanish style !!!

piñata of old lady
piñata of old lady